There is an opinion that CrossFit is only for adults

There is an opinion that in crossfit you need to work on “wear”, pulling the barbell and performing complex exercises WOD, or you can hear that doing crossfit is harmful.

You should not be afraid that the child will perform complex training or loads that are too heavy for his body. Crossfit complexes are always adapted to the age of the child. And since the workouts are conducted under the guidance of highly qualified and certified trainers, classes for your children in CrossFit are absolutely safe.

The benefits of crossfit for children

Children’s crossfit training is:

  • Movement. The one that our sons and daughters miss so much, and which was consumed by cars, tablets and at least 6 hours at the desk every day.
  • Functional physical training provides a full and varied motor activity necessary for health and harmonious psycho-emotional development.
  • Experience of teamwork. Early school and adolescence – a period when the ability to work in a team and build a hierarchy with the environment. The coach and team members are a model of society where future adults gain socialization experience and develop communication skills.
  • WOD for each age group will be completely different.

So, for example, physical complexes for the smallest may include shuttle running, performing simple exercises for dexterity, accuracy and coordination: squats, “bear walk”, jumping over a stick, jumping onto a low platform, etc., while using as a load own weight, inflatable balls, sticks and more.

But older children add light weight exercises to WOD to develop strength and power.

In addition to well-developed muscles and excellent coordination of movements, sport gives a person faith in two magic words: “I can!”. This faith will become the foundation on which in the future boys and girls will build their independent lives, and this foundation will be laid in the walls of the gym.

Functional training is ideal for children

Don’t believe it? Burpees modified “jumps”. On all fours, throwing legs back, standing at point-blank range, making a jump up. Really? Have you seen more than one boy selflessly performing a classic crossFit task? Box jumps, speed runs, pull-ups on the horizontal bar – a list of physical exercises that every healthy boy and girl has in their arsenal during the summer holidays!

Almost any Workout of the Day (workout\training of the day) is a collection of movements from childhood, only honed, aimed at specific results. The gait of a crab, what could be more fun, not in the dreary school format of the “standard for time”, of course. Examples can be listed for a long time, but it’s time to move on to criticism of children’s crossfit training.

The Internet is filled with articles with scary headlines “CrossFit is dangerous”

Of course, there is always a risk of injury, as with any high-intensity physical activity. The World Report on Child Injury Prevention makes no mention of sports injuries, but provides an impressive statistic of domestic accidents associated with teens being left on their own.
When training is carried out under the supervision of classified professionals who, in addition to practice and experience, have knowledge of physiology and anatomy, the likelihood of breaking something while training is minimized.