Difference between Crossfit training space and regular gym

Crossfit, in the case of equipment, is way too different from regular gym equipment. Crossfit is mainly made of elements from other types of sport, so you may need a rope to climb or a machine tyre to turn over. Here is the list of the important points your Crossfit space must have for proper training.

Good air conditioning system

Oxygen. CrossFit is a constant load, and if the club has a bad exhaust, low ceilings, and even a lot of people (and sometimes it’s still in the basement), then it will be very difficult for you to breathe. This will significantly affect your productivity, health and recovery.

Quality equipment for all types of training

Having the right amount of equipment. Of course, you can do CrossFit in the garage with one barbell and a horizontal bar, but still, the availability and easy accessibility of the right simulators at any time can allow you to focus on workout and technique (without standing in line and not thinking how to take it to complete the wod). Even if the simulator is available and also free, if only one second problem emerges in the gym, the resource of this simulation can be used up much faster, therefore.

Good staff who will look after everything

Serviceability. All equipment for crossfit needs the care of a specialist who will carry out regular preventive maintenance (even a slight backlash of the pedals on a bike can lead to complications on your knees later).
Hygiene. Everything from the horizontal bar and neck to cyclic simulators must be periodically cleaned and sterilized, and a person must also be allocated for this.
Diversity. Another plus is not the quantity, but the range and variety of the necessary inventory. You can always do something new in your training and put it into your complexes.

High standards and quality control

Diagnostics. Unfortunately, this is the scourge of small clubs. Work at random. Without being able to maintain a laboratory, there is no exact client data, therefore, the work is done at random, and the results are evaluated by eye. (for example, we can take work with the heart and pulse zones) I think about the quality of this approach, and everything is clear.
Standards. The latter is of course a little trite, but! In serious clubs, standards are prescribed to ensure order, safety, and comfort for customers. What provides the most correct conditions and climate for training.

How to find a good Crossfit training space?

We hope all of the mentioned above may help you to find your perfect space for training. You can of course search the Internet or ask for advice from those who are in Crossfit for a long time, for sure they will give your search the right course. The main thing is to never give up.