Everyone has bad days, even Crossfiters

Not a single crossfit follower needs a magic pendel for training, he himself hangs such kicks on anyone he likes that the victim has no choice but to direct his feet on the true path.

But athletes also have gray days: then their levels of dopamine, do not want to go to training, serotonin and endorphins decrease, burpees do not jump. At such moments, they want to send everything to hell, stop shaking the world with their achievements and become an ordinary person.
Indeed, as long as you can walk on your head and fly on rings, you can live a normal life! It is in such gloomy moments that we advise you to read our modest note on motivation, use simple psychological tricks, and then continue to conquer the Crossfit world.

Use help from Crossfit community

If in the hall you are forced to admire the same faces day after day, then you have no choice but to use them to the fullest. Now we will tell you why and how it works. So before you’re tempted to skip training, let it be known that if you miss again, you’ll lose the privilege of calling yourself a CrossFit.
Also, use the members of your CrossFit community to push your own boundaries. You probably often see how a frail, thin girl does a hard training, climbs a rope with the last of her strength, and animal horror froze in her eyes. Next to her, you see Crossfit athletes who do things that, at first glance, seem impossible: they pull up a hundred times to the chest, walk on their hands and lift three times their own weight.

Both of these examples are important in that they push your boundaries and force you to do the impossible while training.

Think: identify the source of negative thoughts

There are times when you just don’t want to. Though howling like a wolf, even rolling on the floor, that’s all. Especially without thinking about the reasons, you go – or don’t go – to training, do something there through force, go home automatically. This state can last for several days, but you do not even understand what is happening.
Let a little awareness into your head and identify the source of the negative thoughts. Understanding why this happens will not only help you distance yourself from negative thoughts, but also relieve accumulated everyday stress. So you kill two birds with one stone.

Make yourself an example to follow

Imagine that you are the Hulk, Iron Man or a warrior princess named Xena, you can choose a hero from a cohort of elite CrossFit heroes. Identify with this hero, become a secret person and repeat like a mantra “I’m cool, I’ll do anything to become stronger.”
At first glance, such advice may seem infantile, but it is far from being the case. By identifying yourself with a SuperHero, you trigger an effective mechanism to turn yourself into a human and program your brain in a positive way. You begin to feel like a different person, like a hero who can overcome all obstacles.