The myth about crossfit you must stop believing

To begin with, let’s divide the girls who believe in this myth into two groups: the first ones think that you can become masculine from a few weight classes in any gym; the latter are already doing weights because they understand that the buttocks will not grow from simple leg swings, but they still have a negative attitude towards CrossFit, because they saw competitions somewhere in which girls with quite serious muscle mass volumes performed successfully.

Refuting fact #1.Hormones

Let’s go back to the first group of girls. Thinking that lifting weights will make you a top CrossFit athlete is like thinking that after 10 sessions of swimming in a pool you can have shoulders like Olympic swimmers. Let’s try to explain why. The growth of muscle mass in the human body is controlled primarily at the hormonal level.
In order for your muscles to start growing, you need have to train hard, and believe me, it can grow very slowly, since the main muscle growth hormone is testosterone (male hormone), which is produced by the female half of humanity in very small doses, even when training with large weights
If you do not interfere with the hormonal background with the help of steroid drugs, a woman will not be able to significantly increase muscle mass, but you can lose weight with the help of CrossFit by 25 kg.

Refuting Fact #2. Professional sports

In the theoretical part for the preparation of CrossFit level 1 trainers, there is such a pyramid, which says that the basis is nutrition, then metabolic training, gymnastics, weightlifting, and only at the end – a small top – sports competitive activity. So, at the competitions we see the smallest number of athletes who have passed the selections and proved to be the strongest, they set themselves completely different goals.
Their goal is victory, not health and beauty, and what methods they use to achieve this goal is not the topic of this article. You also need to remember that the majority of those who compete, as a rule, already have a large, often professional, experience in other sports, which significantly affected their appearance.

Refuting fact #3. CrossFit and beauty

Even girls who compete in Miss Bikini and Bodybuilding are starting to use CrossFit workouts because they understand their benefits and effectiveness. For example, there are girls who perform quite successfully in CrossFit and in competitions, while maintaining and emphasizing their femininity and beauty in everyday life.

The best way prove yourself right – is to try

In conclusion, let’s say that before believing various myths, you should try to work out a month of CrossFit in a certified club or at least with a level1 trainer. During this time, nothing terrible can happen to you, and you will definitely get positive emotions, self-satisfaction and communication with new people.
You can choose a club by going to a free trial workout, which is available in almost every club (including ours). Good luck and good mood. If the article was helpful, you can share it with your friends.