Rebecca P.

"Progress over Perfection!"

Rebecca P.

Progress over Perfection!  It’s hard for most of us to see our progress because we want perfection so bad that it blinds us from the journey of progression…  In September I arrived back on island, and my sistah tagged me in an ad on Facebook for Arkaios Crossfit Challenge, because one she knew I was a Crossfitter and two that I needed to get in shape after gaining weight because of an emergency surgery I had in June.

So on October 1st, 2017 my first official day as Retired from Active Duty in the USAF, I weighted in and completed my orientation for Arkaios Crossfit 6 Week Challenge 4.0.

Mentally and physically I needed a reset after being in service for 20 years, and socially I needed to expand circle outside of the military Ohana on island.  At weigh in it was determined that my goal based on my body, was 20lbs in six weeks, without a hesitation I was like yes, I can do it.  So it was set in stone that I was to loose 20 lbs…

Well over the six weeks living with six people proved to be the challenge.  Because I was instructed to follow a meal plan.  Well when others can eat whatever and whenever, I found eating and snacking to be my biggest battle.  The first 3-4 weeks I did amazing, then Halloween happened.  Another set back was my body, I thought that I was healthy enough to every move.  Boy I was wrong, my abdomen and scare are still recovering.  After week two I started having pains, because my muscles are still healing.

Moral of the story is that progress maybe slow, but progress is attainable whereas perfection is hardly ever.  I lost 8 lbs and 2.3 % Body Fat, and look forward to working hard to loose the next 12 lbs.  Congrats to all the Challengers, A HUGE Thank You for all the Aloha and memories.  I look forward to working out with each of you and continuing the journey we began together.  Whether you need encouragement, a workout buddy, or an ear I’m still here for each of you!

Last but not least a Ginormous Thanks to all the Coaches and our Nutritionist.  I can honestly say in the 6 years of me doing Crossfit on and off again.  That of all the Boxes I have been too worldwide, this is the BEST!  Not just the because of your awesome team, but mainly because every class was educational, patient, and hands on enough someone with zero athletic experience could walk in off the street and understand and learn.  The warms ups, P.O.Ps, and WODs where perfect for every level of fitness.  Which I believe made everyone feel welcomed and fearless.  I look forward to the next 365 days I have with each of you at Arkaios!!!  Mahalo

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